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Darryl Henriques Is In Show Business 

People in the entertainment industry recognize Darryl Henriques as an immensely talented comedian. One who creates a unique and biting commentary on modern life. Yet, up until now he's been unable to break through and make a living as a performer. This is mostly because Darryl is driven to speak the truth, as he sees it, even when it conflicts with his ambitions. 
All his life, Darryl has been caught between his desire for success and his need to challenge authority - both on and off stage. At times, Darryl deliberately alienates his audience with his improvised routines and then tries to win them back. Such theatrics give pause to the people who could help Darryl to become more of a commercial success.
This film is a portrait of an artist struggling to come to terms with his eccentricities as he attempts to gain access to a larger audience without compromising his spontaneity or the integrity of his humor.
with Peter Coyote, Ed Begley Jr., Paul Krassner, and Jeremy Larner. Producer/ Director William Farley.

color, sound, 28 minutes. 2006

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