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Shadow & Light:

The Life & Art of Elaine Badgley Arnoux

1972 - 2005

"I was very old when I was young - I wasn't young until I was old."

Elaine Badgley Arnoux has lived the artistic life to its fullest. Coming of age in an era when avant-garde art - and the freewheeling life that went with it - was still seen largely as a boys' club, Arnoux traveled the world, changing homes, countries, and lovers, and following her artistic vision with abandon. Inspired rather than deterred by her femininity, she undertook fiery large canvasses depicting the social upheavals of her times, as well as serene collective portraits of people inhabiting the places she has loved most - Biot, in southern France, and San Francisco, California. At 82 years old, Arnoux remains a revelation of dedication and vision, with a mischievous appetite for life and art. She puts it this way:

DVD, HD, color/sound, 28 minutes. 2009

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